Our Team

You will love our team of instructors and our activity coordinators.

All of our instructors are certified in prenatal and postnatal fitness and are CPR certified.

My husband and I moved to Savannah about 11 years ago. In 2015 we welcomed our daughter Shelby into the world. Having no mommy friends, I was becoming a hermit! I knew I had to make a change and had heard about Stroller Strides from a friend. I joined Stroller Strides in January 2016 and quickly fell in love with the group and the workouts! I started out going 4 days a week, then 5 days, and worked up to 6!! I couldn't get enough! (This coming from someone who was not known to workout before having a baby)
FIT4MOM has changed so much about me, all in great ways. When the previous owner announced she was moving, I knew I couldn't let such a good thing fizzle out. My husband agreed it would be a great move for our family and we bought FIT4MOM Savannah in January 2017. I have never had more great friends and connections and hope to grow so we can reach more moms out there that were like me and need to find their tribe.


I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I have an 18 month old daughter, and my husband is Active Duty Military so we are frequently on the move! I can always count on Stroller Strides for friends and support, even when we are in a whole new state! I found Stroller Strides when my daughter was 5 months old. I had always been into fitness and group fitness classes, but after having my daughter, it was too hard to leave her with someone else while I worked out. Stroller Strides allows me to spend time with her AND get my work out in! I originally fell in love with FIT4MOM in Northern Virginia. I knew I wanted to become an instructor and help as many moms as I could!