February Mom of the Month Joyce Gary!

From Instructor Brenna Wommack: "Joyce has been just a joy to have in class! She brings so much positivity to the group and pushes herself at every workout! Whenever she is in class she is always lifting everyone's spirits and putting smiles on their faces! It has been such an honor to get to know Joyce and her sweet daughter Allyson! Keep up the amazing work mama!"

Let's hear more about Joyce...

1. Who are the members of your family?

It is my husband, our daughter Ally (almost 7 months), my 2 stepsons Noah (11) and Dominic (7), my boxers Bo and Maggie and me ️

2. What is or was your career?

I was in the Army for 12 years, 10 active duty and 2 in the Ohio National Guard.

3. How long have you been a member of Stroller Strides of Savannah and what has it done for you?

This is my 4th month! It is honestly the best thing that I ever became apart of. No one understands motherhood like this tribe

4. What is something that has surprised you about motherhood?

Everything! I never knew how challenging it was to take care of a child as your job. Bootcamp, multiple deployments , lengthy field exercises no problem. Being held hostage by the cutest thing in the world who is making demands in a foreign language, WOW.

5. Favorite website(s)?

Facebook ️, and if course Amazon.

6. List three current obsessions.

This Is Us, Mom's Night Out, Celebrity Gossip

7. What is your child's/children's favorite thing about you or favorite thing that you do?

I can't tell you why because it is nothing to brag about but for some reason Ally loves for me to sing to her!

8. Any tips for other moms out there?

Love Motherhood and Judge Less. I really believe we never know what other people are going through.